I have been doing some craft purging and I have the following items for sale (see bottom pf page for a slideshow of pics). Shipping to anywhere in the US is included in the prices listed. Payment can be made via PayPal to dudleychicks@gmail.com. 

Stamp Sets for sale
“A” size sets  $4 NEW
                        $3 USED
“B” Size sets   $5 NEW
                         $4 USED
“C” Size sets   $8 NEW
                         $6 USED
“D” Size sets  $10 NEW
                         $8 USED
“E” size sets - $15 NEW
SOTM and, Business Builder (“W”) and Constant Campaign Sets - $7

A1105 – A Paisley – NEW
A1118 A Hope –  NEW
A1118 A Hope – USED

B 1225 Solos “A” – Used
B1228 Solos “D”  - USED
B1236 Solos “L” – NEW
B1318 Magic Moments – USED
B1334 Sweet home WOTG – NEW
B1337 Twitterpated WOTG – NEW
B1336 Somethin’ Special – USED
B1338 Follow your Heart – NEW
B1347 Lifetime (Splendor WOTG) – USED
B1370 Sweetheart WOTG – NEW
B1376 Wings WOTG - NEW
B1378 Miracle WOTG - NEW
B1398 Joyful Jar  - NEW

C1222 Seasonal Thoughts – NEW
C1402 In the month of January – NEW
C1403 In the month of February – USED
C1404 In the month of March – USED
C1405 In the month of April – USED
C1476 Sonoma WOTG – NEW
C1478 Elemental WOTG – NEW
C1480 Roxie WOTG – NEW
C1482 Dreamin’ WOTG – NEW

D1169 Birthday Surprise – USED
D1217 Free Spirit – NEW
D1223 Fair Blossoms – NEW
D1247 From Me To You – USED
D1284 With Love – NEW
D1350 Tender Tags – NEW
D1351 You’ve Got Flair – NEW
D1368 So Happy – NEW
D1378 Notice the Details – USED
D1406 True Friends – NEW
D1406 True Friends – USED
D1409 Flower Pot – USED
D1427 Tasty Treats – USED
D1454 Sensational Season – NEW
D1454 Sensational Season – USED
D1457 Jubilation – NEW
D1467 – Trees and Things

SOTM Sets –
SS1109 Limited Edition Sept 2011 - NEW
S1201 – Little Reminder – January 2012 NEW
S1203 Potential – March 2012 USED
S1204 You Are… April 2012 NEW
S1205 Friendship Bouquet – May 2012 USED
S1207 – Live Out Loud – July 2012 NEW

CC 1024 Pair-A-Phrase Double “D” size set – NEW
W330 Beautiful Day – NEW
E1025 Rock The Block – NEW

NIP Stamp Pads $4 each
Heavenly Blue
Baby Pink
Key Lime
Sunrise Yellow
Brown Bag
Vanilla Cream


Momtomaggie said...

I would like to buy the joyful jar set if it is still available. Could you send me info on how to pay for it at jenadamboognl@ hotmail.com

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